West Shield, Inc. shall provide religious and educational programs to recover and promote ancient elements of Native American and Chinese theology, philosophy, martial and healing arts that have been passed over in favor of Christian and social non-indigenous stands; re-animating Native American shamanic teachings and practices, which enrich and empower the individual and, which further our sensitivity to and respect for the physical and spiritual gifts of our natural environment, giving quality of awareness of and connectedness with life that is nourished by ancient traditions that:

  1. 1) Encourage faith in the Great Spirit,

  2. 2) Inspire personal growth and enrichment,

  3. 3) Teach wholesome and respectful relationships with the environment including alternative energies; making accessible these teaching and practices to a wider public and to offer support to select groups and individuals whose ideals parallel those of this corporation regardless of their religious affiliation so long as there exists a reciprocal honoring of the validity of other religions and traditions.

See Information on The Spirit Dance